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A New Potential Day Trading Strategy, Part 2

Some days ago I wrote about a new day trading strategy I have implemented. This morning I had a second look at it and decided to test it using some of the stocks I did not pick for my portfolio list. I simply picked 31 random stocks out of the 365 stocks remaining (I had a list of 465 stocks, of which I picked the best 100 stocks for trading).

Using just those 31 randomly picked stocks, I get the following accumulated profits from January 2010 until July 2012:


This is the monthly numbers (from January 2010 to July 2012):


As you can see from the chart the numbers are more erratic than the 100 best stocks. Of course, this could just as well be because I have picked just 31 stocks and my trading portfolio consists of 100 stocks (this is a profit chart, not return on equity). However, this is just an indication, but in my opinion, this is quite good results considering they are picked randomly. The stocks gave better results than I expected.

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