About This Site

My name is Oddmund Groette. Norwegian by citizenship, but resident in the Eastern Europe (former Soviet country).

As you can guess I’m very interested in stock market strategies, and the aim of this website is to offer some strategies and insights about investing, trading and daytrading. I was a full-time daytrader in stocks from 2002 until January 2018 when I chose to focus on swingtrading and long-term investments. I would say I have been one of the few who both survived and prospered doing daytrading.

My other interests include football (I support Rosenborg and Borussia Dortmund), bicycling/sports, politics and philosophy. I’m an avid reader and “thinker”. Please check out my other website called RationalThinking.

In 1994 I got my master in business administration from The Norwegian School of Management (BI) and in 1996 I got my MSc in International Banking and Financial Studies from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, I quote Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “What I was given to study in school I have forgotten; what I decided to read on my own, I still remember”.

English is not my mother tongue, so please apologize for any grammatical mistakes.

I have written three books in Norwegian about stock trading. Currently they have sold over 25 000 copies combined.