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Last Updated on May 24, 2023

Oddmund Groette

This website is written and managed by Oddmund Groette and Hakan (Sammy) Samuelsson. Mr. Groette is a native Norwegian but resides in Eastern Europe. Mr. Samuelsson lives in Sweden, where he trades, invests, and manages one of Sweden’s most popular financial websites: Samuelssonsrapport. He also founded The Robust Trader.

We have been independent full-time traders and investors for 20 years. We have traded every time frame there is and have gained valuable trading lessons. Please follow us on Twitter.

While we don’t give any specific investment advice, we do believe we have some insights to offer. We have skin in the game and eat our own pudding. We trade many of the strategies we publish on this website (obviously not all).

Why do we run websites if we make a living trading and investing?

We make a living out of our hobby, but we also like to make money (like most people). Moreover, we also have a true passion for anything related to trading/investing. We like being in contact with traders and we become better investors by running the website. The more traders and investors we know, the better we get as both traders and human beings.

Our main motivation for this blog is to improve our understanding, knowledge, and competence. Writing is a very powerful tool, and we believe an audience makes us put in a little more effort. We both have higher (useless) educations, but we quote Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “What I was given to study in school I have forgotten; what I decided to read on my own, I still remember”.

We regard ourselves as more “street smart” than “academic smart”. We have survived in the markets for twenty years by being adaptable and flexible, not by building theoretical and complex models. If something seems reasonable, we go for it.

We’re investment agnostics: We invest in whatever time frame there is: day trading, swing trading, or investing for decades. We don’t go into the office in the morning with a rigid framework/mindset for where, when, and how to invest. Investing is a continuous learning experience.

If you like our website, please register your e-mail in the upper right corner to receive timely updates about our writing.

You can contact us via this link.

English is not our mother tongue, so please apologize for any grammatical mistakes.

We are looking for writers (paid) and would love to hear from interested traders. Please fill out the email form and contact us if you are interested.

Ownership of Quantified Strategies

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We are not financial advisors. Please do your own due diligence and investment research or consult a financial professional. All articles are our opinions – they are not suggestions to buy or sell any securities. Always use a demo account for many months before you commit real money.

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  • Oddmund,

    Do you have an e-mail? I day trade prop and would love to chat with you

    Does your book on day trading come in english ?

  • Oddmund, I just came across your website today. You have a lot of interesting posts. There is so much trash to read out there and it is rare that any blogs are backed up with testing. I can’t trade anything without personally testing a strategy. How did you come to live in Russia from Norway? Ayn Rand ran as far away as she could.

  • hi oddmund. interesting reading about your site and your epxerience. i have found the past 8 months veyr tough to make money as well after being very profitable system trading in 08-11.. one question i want to ask you was your trading frequency per day. i agree with your concetp of many systems and we try to do this but with volume low , we either get missed trades or too high slip.. we focus almost entirely on SPY / ES analysis . how active are your day trade models?

    • Hi, right now I daytrade about 60 000 shares per day. Yes, slippage is very high in all stocks. Volume has fallen and it’s very hard to get fills. My average per share traded is now very low. The good thing about SPY and ES is that you can put on some sixe, which is impossible in stocks right now except for very heavy traded stocks.

  • I just came across your site. I use similar techniques in handicapping sports. Right now I am using tradestation as my trading platform. Do you have any of your strategies in tradestation format?


  • Hello Oddmund,

    I´ve been trying to learn trading with 4 online courses since 2011 without successes.

    Then I learned to ask about their records and didn´t find any proof that what they teach is profitable.

    Do you know if their is any good course about trading online?

    Do you teach?

    How did you learn?


    • Hi. noone will ever teach you how to trade. You have to learn it yourself. Think about it, if you are making money trading, why spend time teaching what you do? It does not make sense. Only way to learn is by trial and error.

  • Hi Otto

    I’ve have only recently found your web site and found it excellent
    You often refer to the H-C/H-L ratio in relation to over night trading. Do you have a view what are the odds of success associated with any particular value, whether it be 0.33, 0.5 or above. It aeems to work best when combined with low RSI

  • Hi Otto

    I’ve have only recently found your web site and found it excellent
    You often refer to the H-C/H-L ratio in relation to over night trading. Do you have a view what are the odds of success associated with any particular value, whether it be 0.33, 0.5 or above. It aeems to work best when combined with low RSI

  • Hi Oddmund.

    I wasn’t sure where to post this question. Do you still do prop trading and which firm do you use? I saw Nevis Trading is closed.

      • Does that mean you don’t do any intraday trading anymore as described in some of your earlier posts? 🙁 (You mentioned that you used IB for EOD.)

        • I do much less intraday than before. It’s much more difficult now than what it used to be, at least for me. I look more at overnight edges and long-term investing.

  • Hi Oddmund,
    I really enjoy the site. I’m in the process of exploring backtesting platforms. What platform and data sources do you use for backtesting? Please forgive me if you have posted this information elsewhere. Thanks so much

  • Hi,
    What assumptions on frictional costs have you made in your backtests (I think of slippage and commissions)? My own experience has shown me that a backtest can go from hero to zero when accounting for these costs.

    • Hi,
      We don’t include slippage and commissions in our tests in the articles. Commissions vary from trader to trader. Slippage goes both ways and in those strategies we trade slippgae is very low (we trade very high volume contracts).

      • Hi,
        So I understand that both your free and premium strategies do not account for these frictional costs, right ?
        Do you happen to have favorable slippage in live trading your strategies ?

        • Yes, that’s correct – not included.

          Slippage goes both ways. For example, when I trade SPY my slippage is close to zero. But when I trade stocks, slippage is a cost. It all depends what you are trading.