Amibroker Code for 60+ Strategies (Tradestation Code On Demand)

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by Hakan Samuelsson

We have recently compiled all the free trading strategies into a 24-page PDF document. The PDF-file contains the logic and Amibroker code for all strategies/ideas. The original articles mostly contained the logic in plain English, but we added Amibroker code in those articles we had none.

Some strategies are additionally improved slightly.

We offer it for 149 USD to reflect all the time and effort to compile all our writing into one file.

Alternatively, you can order on demand for 5 or 10 USD and additionally get the Tradestation/Easy Language code.

Find out more or order by clicking here:

Why do we use Amibroker?

We are a two-man team and we use both Amibroker and Tradestation. Tradestation might not need any further description as it’s arguably the most used trading platform on the market.

However, Amibroker is 100% customizable and inexpensive. To our knowledge, it’s the cheapest platform you can buy to backtest your ideas. You can take the leap from backtesting to live trading by adding a little code to execute your strategies.

Moreover, you can even download the free version to test it before you buy a lifetime license to use all capabilities.

Amibroker might require a bit more time to learn, but as soon you get the hang of it the options are literally endless and only constrained by your imagination.

We have written a more extensive review and summary of Amibroker in this article:


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