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Amibroker is a very affordable software that is second to none in capacity, functions, reliability, and speed. It’s used by traders and investors all over the world. It’s a tool for both backtesting and live automatic algo trading.

Because we are happy users of Amibroker, we made an online beginner course (including live trading). Please click the buy button to see the pricing.

We have two goals with the written online course: to help beginners get started with Amibroker, and to help you set up live trading with Interactive Brokers.  Additionally, we provide you with 5 or 10 trading edges with code for an additional fee. The trading edges are taken among our monthly Trading Edges and offer opportunities in S&P 500, TLT (Treasuries), Nasdaq, DAX-40, XLU, XLV, and XLP (consumer staples). The course is divided into different modules. Please click the “buy” button to see full pricing of the modules.

Course Structure

The course is divided into three written modules (please press the “buy” button for the price list):

Module 1 teaches you to chart, backtest, scan, explore, optimize, and do basic coding. See complete list of lessons below.

Module 2 is all about live trading. We show how you can set up live trading with Interactive Brokers and automate all of your trades and let Amibroker keep track of your strategies and fills.

Module 3 contains Amibroker code and logic in plain English for 5 end of day strategies. You pick five strategies of your choice among our single strategies.

Module 4 contains Amibroker code and logic in plain English for 10 end of day strategies. You pick five strategies of your choice among our single strategies.

The course is about 20 000 words (a small book), contains over 150 gif files, and we provide numerous examples with code (see example/screenshot).

Complete list of lessons:

Module 1: Basic

Lesson 1: Amibroker’s Main Features
Lesson 2: Installing Amibroker
Lesson 3: Graphical Interface
Lesson 4: Windows Preferences And Settings
Lesson 5: How To Arrange Amibroker’s Windows
Lesson 6: Technical Indicators
Lesson 7: How To Make Graphs
Lesson 8: Window Layouts
Lesson 9: Linking Windows And Charts
Lesson 10: Symbols
Lesson 11: Symbols And Categories
Lesson 12: Symbols And Watch Lists
Lesson 13: Database Management
Lesson 14: Importing Quotes Into The Database
Lesson 15: AFL Formula Language
Lesson 16: Visualization Of Arrays And Variables
Lesson 17: The Analysis Window
Lesson 18: The Formula Editor
Lesson 19: Backtesting
Lesson 20: Portfolio Backtesting
Lesson 21: Rotational Backtest
Lesson 22: Individual Backtesting
Lesson 23: Backtesting Of Futures Contract
Lesson 24: Scanning
Lesson 25: Explorations
Lesson 26: Analysis Reports
Lesson 27: Stop Orders
Lesson 28: Position Sizing
Lesson 29: Scaling In And Out Of Positions
Lesson 30: How To Make Composite Symbols (Index)
Lesson 31: Tips and tricks to get better at coding

Appendix: A few examples of code

Appendix A: How to backtest a pairs trading strategy
Appendix B: Day trade breakout example
Appendix C: Rotational strategy example for SPY, TLT, and EEM
Appendix D: The Options Expiration Week Effect strategy
Appendix E: The turn of the month trading strategy

Module 2: Live Trading With Interactive Brokers

Amibroker doesn’t provide any code or program for automatic trading. We have made a simple script/code that does the following:
1. The code scans your trading strategies and sends a market order (can be changed to limit order) if there is a signal.
2. If there is a signal, it keeps track of the sent order (position) until there is a sell signal for the strategy.

It’s not advanced, but we use it ourselves daily.

Lesson 32: VPS – run your strategies 24/7 remotely
Lesson 33:
Amibroker – Live Trading – Getting Started
Lesson 34: Live Trading – The Interactive Brokers Plugin And Settings
Lesson 35: Amibroker Live Trading – Scanning
Lesson 36: Live Trading – The Code
Lesson 37: Live Trading – How To Buy And Sell The Close And The Open
Lesson 38: Live Trading – Unknown Future Dates – How To Look Forward

Module 3:

Lesson 39: 5 Trading Edges with Amibroker code. You are free to pick 5 strategies among our single strategies.

Module 4:

Lesson 40: 10 Trading Edges with Amibroker code. You are free to pick 10 strategies among our single strategies.

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