Book A Consultation

We charge non-subscribers 50 USD/40 EUR for a short consultation of about 30 minutes. If you’re an annual subscriber of our Trading Edges, you get a 30-minute consultation for free.

You decide the topic(s) yourself. Just send an e-mail to “oddmund at daytrading dot no” and we agree on time and topic. We prefer to use Skype, and payments preferably via PayPal or Stripe.

The most likely topics are:

  • How to start trading (should you start at all?).
  • How to invest (we do both short-term and long-term investing).
  • Get feedback on strategies.
  • How to develop strategies.

We speak English and “Scandinavian”.

Why do we do this?

We don’t make any money on consultations. But we have a true passion for trading and investing and love talking and discussing anything related to investing. The more traders and investors we know, the better.

Disclaimer: We don’t give specific investment advice.