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Jesse Livermore Trading Strategy

Jesse Livermore Trading Strategy (Backtest And Performance)

Jesse Livermore was a legendary stock trader known for his exploits in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He made and lost several...

FOMC Meetings (Trading Strategies Backtest) – Stocks, Gold, And Bonds

FOMC meetings can have a significant impact on financial markets as decisions on interest rates made during these meetings can influence the direction of...

ECB Meetings (Trading Strategies Backtest) – Stocks, Gold, And Bonds

As with FOMC meetings, ECB meetings can have a significant impact on financial markets, especially forex and European stock markets. Decisions on interest rates...

Scaling Out Strategy – Does It Work? (Backtest)

Risk management in stock trading involves taking steps to minimize potential losses. Many traders use the scaling-out strategy as part of their risk management...

Machine Learning trading strategies

Predicting stock markets has been an endeavor a lot of people have always tried to do. But it seems artificial intelligence may be better...

Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio

Harry Browne was an American investment advisor and financial writer. He was best known for his investment philosophy and strategies, which he outlined in...

Frank Armstrong Ideal Index Portfolio (Backtest)

Frank Armstrong is a financial advisor, author, and the founder of Investor Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm based in Miami, Florida. With over...

Copper Trading Strategy — What Is It? (Backtest)

Given its wide range of uses, copper is commonly used as an indicator of global economic health. If you want to trade this popular...

Wedge Trading Strategy – Does It Work? (Backtest)

When it comes to price action trading, recognizing chart patterns on the chart may be the most important skill. While there are many chart...

Warren Buffett Investment Strategy – (Backtest, Diversification, Value And Best Rules)

Known as the Oracle of Omaha for his investment prowess, Warren Buffett is one of the most popular investors in the world. According to...

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