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What Has Happened The Day AFTER OPEX Day (Options Expiration)? (Backtest)

OPEX, or options expiration, is the day on which stock options contracts expire. Stock options give the holder the right, but not the obligation,...

This Is What Normally Happens 1 Day Before Options Expiration Days (OPEX) (Backtest)

OPEX day in the stock market is the day on which most stock options expire. It typically occurs on the third Friday of each...

How Does The S&P 500 Perform When Interest Rates Are Rising? (Setup, Rules Backtest,...

The relationship between interest rates and stocks is crucial to understand if you are investing in the stock or bond market. How does the...

Volume Trading Strategy – Does It Matter? (Setup, Rules, Backtest, Returns)

Successful trading is based on spotting the direction the price is headed. But while the price is the ultimate factor in determining profitability, the...
Trade Around A Core Position Trading Strategy

Trade Around A Core Position Trading Strategy (How, Rules, Backtest, Returns)

To many, trading stocks is all about making a single buy of a stock, waiting for it to reach your profit target, and exiting...
What Happens to Stocks When Inflation Is High

What Happens to Stocks When Inflation Is High? (How Does Inflation Affect Stocks)

Inflation is one of the most popular and important economic indicators. It is monitored by everyone — businesses, financial regulators, and investors. Not only...

Gold New High Trading Strategy – (Rules, Backtest, Performance, and Setup)

Gold has a rich history dating back thousands of years, admired for its beauty and rarity. It has been used for currency, jewelry, and...

Averaging Down Trading Strategy (How, Setup, Rules, Backtest, Returns)

If you trade stocks or any other financial market, you will often be confronted with that temptation: to buy more when the price goes...

The Stay Rich Portfolio – Strategy, Returns, ETFs, Risk (Meb Faber)

Let's say you are a wealthy person who has already achieved FIRE (financial independence - retire early) and wants to preserve your wealth. It...

Can The CAPE Ratio Predict Stock Market Returns?

There are many ways investors try to determine if the stock market is overvalued or not. Some people rely on technical indicators to gauge...

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