Code And Logic For All Free Strategies/Articles (Amibroker and Easy Language from Tradestation)

Last Updated on March 28, 2023

Are you new to trading?

Or perhaps you are missing trading ideas for backtesting?

Or do you need some help in coding?

Look no further:

Since the start of this webpage in 2012, we have presented nearly 1100 articles and over 180 different free trading strategies/edges and ideas.

We have compiled a database that contains all the Amibroker code and logic in plain English for all the free strategies on this website (about 20% have Tradestation/Easy Language code as well – we’re continually upgrading). Plain English is helpful for Python traders and backtesting, coders and traders.

(If you want to have some strategies converted to other trading platforms, please get in touch with us. We can do translations on demand.)

We decided to make an inexpensive product that lets the readers access the strategies systematically, including code for Amibroker (and Tradestation). The strategies are listed one by one – not as a zip file. Some of the strategies have been slightly improved and changed. The strategies are taken from this landing page:

(The other product we sell, Monthly Trading Edges, is NOT included in this package as that is the “premium” edges we have developed.)

The great majority of the free strategies still work, despite most of them being made before 2017. In other words, we’ve had several years of out-of-sample tests. Each strategy is explained in plain English, has a link to the relevant article, has Amibroker code, and we are continually adding Tradestation/Easy Language code.

What is the price?

We offer two options:

  • You can buy it all and get access to all the strategies (+160) listed further below. The price is 399 USD and is valid for one month. The subscription is recurring at 25 USD a month until you cancel. You can access the database as long as you pay the monthly fee and additionally get access to recent additions plus 15 mins a month of e-mail support. We upgrade the database continually (weekly).
  • Or, you can pick ten strategies for a one-time fee of 99. If you choose this, please pay, then send us an email, and we’ll send you the code via a CSV file.


We have the following strategies to choose from:

The strategies/ideas are these:

(The links below are to the article, not the code. To get to the code, you need to pay, and you’ll get a link/URL in your mailbox.)

  1. Monthly Momentum In SPY and TLT (Rotation Strategy S&P 500 and Treasury Bonds) (Amibroker Code)
  2. Price Deviates From Average Price By Using ATR (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  3. VIX On The S&P 500 (Amibroker and Tradeastation Code)
  4. The Formula For Williams %R (Amibroker Code)
  5. WilliamsVixFix Using PercentRank (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  6. Heikin Ashi Code (Amibroker Code)
  7. MACD-histogram on the S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  8. A Failed Bounce In The S&P 500 Or Nasdaq (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  9. The Holiday Effect: Martin Luther King Day (Amibroker  And Tradestation Code)
  10. George Washington Day/President’s Day Holiday Effect In Trading (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  11. The Holiday Effect: Christmas (Santa Claus Effect) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  12. The Holiday Effect: Thanksgiving (Amibroker Code)
  13. The Holiday Effect: Labor Day (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  14. The Holiday Effect: Independence Day (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  15. Breakout Trading Strategies (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  16. A Pair Trade In SPY And TLT (Pairs Trading Strategies) (Amibroker Code)
  17. Turn Of The Month Trading Strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation Code)
  18. How To Invest In Oil Stocks (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  19. Rotation Strategy Between The S&P 500 And Gold Miners (Amibroker Code)
  20. Retail Stocks – Different Seasonalities (Amibroker Code)
  21. Trend Following And Momentum On Bitcoin – Capturing The Trend (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  22. The Russell 2000 Rebalancing Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  23. Gap Down Strategy In Stocks – Going Long (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  24. Candlestick Pattern – Doji (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  25. The Friday Seasonality in USO (oil) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  26. Shorting Oil When Dollar Rises (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  27. Sell In May And Go Away (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  28. A simple Trend-Following Strategy In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  29. September Is The Worst Month Of The Year For Stocks (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  30. When Gold Gaps Up Or Down (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  31. The Greatest Gold Stock System You Should Trade (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  32. Trend Following Strategy In Gold (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  33. A Simple Pair Trade In Liquid ETFs (Amibroker Code)
  34. Retail Monthly Seasonalities (Amibroker Code)
  35. Larry Connors’ 3 Day High/Low Method (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  36. Larry Connors’ RSI 25 & RSI 75 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  37. Larry Connors’ R3 Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  38. Larry Connors’ %b Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  39. Larry Connors’ Multiple Days Up And Multiple Days Down Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  40. Larry Connors’ Double Seven Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  41. When XLP Diverges From Recent High And Low (Amibroker And Tradestation)
  42. Internal Bar Strength In Consumer Staples (XLP) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  43. Daily Effects In Long-Term Treasuries (TLT) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  44. August Is The Best Month For Long-Term Treasuries (TLT) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  45. Nasdaq (QQQ) Mean Reversion (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  46. Monday/Tuesday Trade In Nasdaq (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  47. RSI(2) On QQQ (Nasdaq) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  48. Using VIX To Trade SPY And The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  49. New 5-Day Low In SPY And Closes In The Low of The Range (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  50. When The S&P 500 Closes Near The Bottom of Its Range But Still Positive For The Day (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  51. Overnight In The S&P 500 – 5 Day Low (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  52. Overnight In The S&P 500 – Oddis Bands (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  53. Monday And Two Down Days In A Row (S&P 500 or Nasdaq) (Amibroker Code)
  54. An overnight In The S&P 500 (Or Nasdaq) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  55. The Options Expiration Week Effect (Amibroker Code)
  56. Quadruple witching day (volume, volatility, etc.) (Amibroker code)
  57. Overnight In The S&P 500 H-L (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  58. Overnight In The S&P 500 – Three Down Days (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  59. End Of Month Strategy In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  60. Big Moves On Mondays (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  61. RSI(2) On The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  62. Short Overnight In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  63. S&P 500 Mean Reversion Using IBS and RSI (Amibroker and Tradestation Code)
  64. The End Of The Year Rally In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  65. The January Effect In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  66. The January Effect That Works (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  67. A Significant Down Day In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  68. A Simple Trend-Following Strategy In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  69. The Chaikin Oscillator (Amibroker Code)
  70. The Elder Ray Indicator (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  71. The internal Bar Strength Indicator On The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  72. Combining ADX And RSI On The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  73. How To Optimize An ADX Breakout (Amibroker Code)
  74. Moving Averages With RSI (Amibroker and Tradestation Code)
  75. Bollinger Bands Breakouts (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  76. A Rotation Trading Strategy In Healthcare and The S&P 500 (Amibroker Code)
  77. 10 Free Swing Trading Strategies (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  78. Gap Trading Strategies (How To Trade Gaps With Real And Quantified Examples)
  79. Gap Trading Strategies (Amibroker and Tradestation Code)
  80. 3 Free Mean Reversion Strategies (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  81. Last Trading Day Of The Month Trading Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  82. Calendar Effects In Long-Term Treasuries (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  83. The Turnaround Tuesday Trading Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  84. Gold Weekend Trading Strategy (GLD Swing Trading) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  85. The Narrow Range Day NR7 Trading Strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  86. 5 Exit Strategies in Trading (Amibroker Code)
  87. Is Optimization Good In Trading? (How To Optimize Backtests Correctly) (Amibroker Code)
  88. The Friday Jobs Report Trading Strategy For Stocks (And Bonds) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  89. A Monthly Momentum Strategy In ETFs (Sector Rotation Strategy In EEM, SPY, And TLT) (Amibroker Code)
  90. Zweig Breadth Thrust Indicator (Amibroker Code)
  91. Williams %R (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  92. Which Oscillating Indicator Is The Best For Trading Strategies? (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  93. Opening Range Breakouts (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  94. What Is An Unfilled Gap? Are They Profitable? (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  95. Dollar-Cost Averaging (Amibroker code)
  96. Death Cross (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  97. A Long-Term Pullback Trading Strategy In The S&P 500 (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  98. How To Add Leverage To A Backtest (Amibroker Code)
  99. Stock Returns Around Easter Holiday (Amibroker and Tradestation Code)
  100. Example Of An Overnight Strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  101. Pivot points strategies (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  102. Stock returns around Easter holiday (Amibroker code)
  103. Donchian Channels (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  104. The 200-Day Moving Average (Jeremy Siegel’s version) (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  105. Is Meb Faber’s momentum/trend-following strategy in gold, bonds, and stocks still working? (Amibroker code)
  106. Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio (Amibroker Code)
  107. Connors RSI (Amibroker Code)
  108. Cutler’s RSI (Amibroker Code)
  109. What happens to stocks when bonds go up? (Amibroker Code)
  110. Timing The Market With Healthcare Stocks And The S&P 500 (Rotation Trading Strategy – Amibroker Code)
  111. Backtest trading days (not calendar days) (Amibroker Code)
  112. The Easter Holiday Effect In Trading (Holy Thursday – Best Day Of The Year For Stocks?) (Amibroker Code)
  113. Turtle Trading Strategies (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  114. Follow Through Day (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  115. 4 overnight strategies (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  116. Post-holiday seasonal effect in stocks (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  117. Williams Volatility Channel — What Is It? (Trading Strategy) (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  118. CCI Indicator (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  119. All moving averages (Amibroker code)
  120. On Balance Volume trading strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  121. Ultimate oscillator strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  122. Dow Theory strategy (Amibroker code)
  123. Technology sector trading strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  124. Aroon indicator strategy (Amibroker code)
  125. Rate of Change indicator strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  126. Bull market trading strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  127. Double top strategy (Amibroker code)
  128. Double bottom strategy (Amibroker code)
  129. Double death cross strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  130. VXO trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  131. 52-week high strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  132. Parabolic SAR strategy (Amibroker And Tradestation code)
  133. TRIN Arms strategy (Amibroker Code)
  134. Gold silver chart ratio strategy (Amibroker code)
  135. Biotech trading strategy (Amibroker  and Tradestation code)
  136. Sell the rip strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  137. 9 30 trading strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  138. Rubber Band Strategy (Amibroker code)
  139. Scale-in trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  140. Forex basket trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  141. What time of the trading day is the most volatile? (Amibroker code)
  142. Divergence trading strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  143. Big Three trading strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  144. Andrews Pitchfork trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  145. Alexander Elder’s triple screen trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  146. Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator Strategy (Amibroker code)
  147. Buy the dip strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  148. Random walk trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  149. Bitcoin crash trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  150. Election day performance (US Election dates and backtests in Amibroker code)
  151. Advance-decline indicator strategy (Amibroker code)
  152. Cardano trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  153. Long short equity trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  154. DeMarker indicator strategy (Amibroker code)
  155. Martingale trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  156. Crude oil trading strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  157. Day trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  158. Corn futures strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  159. E-mini futures strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  160. Yield inversion strategy (Amibroker code)
  161. Options expiration week (OPEX) (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  162. Santa Claus rally in Gold (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  163. Sugar futures strategy (Amibroker code)
  164. Days til month’s end (Tradestation code)
  165. Holiday Date? (Tradestation code for all holidays 1980-2030)
  166. Percent Rank code for Tradestation
  167. 123 pattern reversal strategy (Amibroker code)
  168. Fractal indicator strategy (Amibroker code)
  169. Ichimoku trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  170. Positional trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  171. Friday 13th and the stock market (Amibroker code)
  172. Litecoin Trading Strategy (Amibroker and Tradestation code)
  173. Momentum trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  174. Closed-End Fund strategy (Amibroker code)
  175. Mass Index trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  176. Stairs Trading Strategy (Amibroker code)
  177. EURUSD trading strategy (Amibroker code)
  178. Meb Faber Ivy Portfolio (Amibroker code)
  179. Easter Holiday dates for Tradestation
  180. Valentine’s Day Rally (Amibroker Code)
  181. FED meeting dates (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  182. ECB meeting dates (Amibroker And Tradestation Code)
  183. Money Flow Index (MFI) Strategy (Amibroker code)
  184. London Breakout Strategy (Amibroker Code)
  185. Triple RSI trading strategy (Amibroker Code)
  186. OHL trading strategy (Amibroker Code)
  187. Order Flow Trading Strategy (Amibroker Code)
  188. Bollinger Band Squeeze strategy (Amibroker Code)
  189. South American (Latin America) Trading Strategies (Amibroker Code)
  190. Coppock Curve Strategy (Amibroker Code)
  191. St.Patricks Day – Green Day For Stocks? (Amibroker Code)
  192. Supertrend Indicator Strategy (Amibroker Code)
  193. Nikkei 225 Futures Strategy (Amibroker Code)


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