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WARNING: Unauthorized use of any material or content from our blog is strictly prohibited. All text, articles, images (!), charts (!), or any other material on our website are copyrighted and belong to QuantifiedStrategies.com. Any attempt to use or modify our content without our prior written consent will result in legal action.

Every backtest on the website is original and made by us at QuantifiedStrategies.com, unless otherwise stated.

Many hours and lots of work

We put in countless hours of hard work to generate our content, and we do not hesitate to enforce our copyright to protect our rights. We’re not kidding – we have done it.

We do not allow unauthorized copying, reproduction, or distribution of our content without prior permission.

You are free to refer to or cite our FREE work (within “fair use”) by linking back to and crediting QuantifiedStrategies.com as the source by using the name of the relevant article. Copyright laws state that any referrals must clearly indicate where the referred/cited material can be found.

Our paid trading strategies are proprietary algorithms, and republishing them would constitute copyright infringement. Moreover, republishing our strategies without our written permission would be a breach of trade secret rights, potentially leading to legal action for misappropriation of trade secrets. Last, you agree to our contractual terms by NOT exposing or publishing our trading strategies that are behind a paywall.

We make images and charts that are 100% copyrighted and not part of “fair use”. You can’t copy or distribute our charts and images without prior permission. In other words, any referral to our work does NOT include the right to copy or use our charts and images, even if you credit us. Please make your own charts and images or ask for our written permission.

Copyrighted regardless of your location in the world

We take copyright infringement very seriously and will pursue legal action when necessary, regardless of where you are located in the world.


We are open to collaborations and partnerships that can benefit both parties. If you would like to use our material and have a suggestion where we can both benefit, please get in touch with us and ask. To save time for all parties, please be specific if you have any suggestions for collaboration.

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If you have any questions about our copyright policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


– How can I use or reference content from QuantifiedStrategies.com?

You are free to refer to or cite our work within “fair use” by linking back to and crediting QuantifiedStrategies.com as the source. Referrals must clearly indicate where the material can be found.

– Are backtests on QuantifiedStrategies.com original?

Yes, every backtest on the website is original and created by QuantifiedStrategies.com, unless otherwise stated.

– What if I want to collaborate or use your material for a specific purpose?

We are open to collaborations and partnerships. If you have suggestions for collaboration, please get in touch, and be specific about the benefits for both parties.

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