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December 2022 - BondKiller (Long and Short)

November 2022 - VolumeTrader

October 2022 - Daytrading the Heating Oil Market (Short)

September 2022 - Nasdaq and VXN (Tech-VIX)

August 2022 - Short The Tech – A strategy eploiting the Tech sector

July 2022 - DMI Defence – An Edge and strategy using DMI (ES)

June 2022 - Euro Fighter | Stoxx50 Trading Strategy

May 2022 - Canada Dollar – An Edge in the Loonie (CD)

April 2022 - Corn Killer (@C)

March 2022 - European Stoxx50 (FESX)

February 2022 - German DAX (FDAX) - Gap and Short

January 2022 - S&P 500 (ES.D) - Dippbuyer Since Year 2000

December 2021 - Night Crawler S&P Midcap 400 | Backtest since 2003 (EMD.D)

November 2021 - Overnight Star - An overnight edge since 1998 in equity Index (ES+SPY)

October 2021 - OilTimer - An edge and market timer in Oil (Crude)

September 2021 - Long Edge In Platinum Futures -- (PL) - Trading strategy

August 2021 - A Gasoline Day Trading Edge -- (RB) - Trading strategy

July 2021 - Financial ETF (Short) -- (+SP500) - Trading strategy

June 2021 - Robust Long-Short Strategy in SP500 (E-Mini Futures Trading)

May 2021 - Powerful Edge In Lean Cattle Futures!

April 2021 - Long Edge In Soybean Meal Futures

March 2021 - Simple Yet Powerful Edge In Swiss Franc Futures Trading Edge

February 2021 - SP500 (E-mini and Micro) Trading Edge

Januari 2021 - Platinum Futures (PL) Trading Edge

December 2020 - Copper Futures (HG) Trading Edge

November 2020 - Treasury (TY) Trading Edge

October 2020 - Crude Oil Trading Edge

September 2020 - Swiss Franc Trading Edge

August 2020 - Soybean Meal Day Trading Edge

July 2020 - Gold Day Trading Edge

June 2020 - Robust Edge In Crude Oil (USO and CL)

May 2020 - Daytrader In Nasdaq (NQ)

April 2020 - Catching Pullbacks in Bonds Futures (US)

March 2020 - Edge in Cocoa Futures(CC)

February 2020 - Edge in Heating Oil(HO)

January 2020 - Close Reversion in Bonds (US)

December 2019 - Incredible Night Edge (SPY)

November 2019 - Trading Gold Using Range Distribution

October 2019 - British Pounds Average True Range Pullback

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  • An overnight Trading Idea for Silver Miners
  • Using IBS together with an oscillator to catch swings at night
  • What if you tweak the RSI indicator a bit?
  • An approach to successfully apply VIX in your swing trading
  • Buying the dip with bollinger bands


Futures trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Some strategies that have been used in the past may not be as effective in current market conditions. Past performance is not indicative of future results. When trading futures, you may incur substantial losses, even if the underlying asset moves in the direction you expected. In addition, the leverage inherent in futures trading can magnify any losses. It is important to carefully consider your financial situation and risk tolerance before deciding to trade futures. You should also be aware of the risks specific to the futures contract you are trading, such as the risk of early assignment for options on futures and the potential for illiquid markets. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a financial professional before trading futures.