How I Allocate My Capital And How Commissions Grab My Gross Profits

I have received some e-mails about how I allocate my capital. I admit that this is a problem and quite a difficult task. Sometimes I have no positions on, suddenly all my signals trigger and the allocation becomes a problem. My aim is to trade different stocks that correlates as little as possible. Of course, that is not easy, because in down markets most seem to correlate.

However, I think I have “solved” this by concentrating more on pairs. So what I do is simply use 100% of my equity on pairs. The rest of the directional trades I do is on margin. I have a portfolio margin account at Interactive Brokers, so I can put on quite much margin.  I have done this since mid february and it has worked quite good so far. Actually, much better than I anticipated. I’m up about 7% since then with about 500 trades. Most of my pairs are just 1-3 days holding period. I’m very pleased with the result considering I’m about 40% short in a rising market. Short is actually profitable in this period, albeit not much.

By the way, here are some other “facts”:

  1. Live trading results is about 1/3 less than in theory
  2. Commsissions take away 1/3 compared with my gross profits. I pay the “real” costs at IB, not the fixed commission rate. I’m gonna deposit more money to trade more size and this will lower my commission rate.