Market Neutral Momentum Trading Strategy

Market Neutral Momentum Trading Strategy

Over the last weeks I have written three articles about monthly momentum in TLT, SPY, and EEM:

The first two strategies seem to perform reasonably well.

Many investors seek to minimize drawdown at the expense of total returns. In general, it’s very hard to get a high return without significant drawdowns, no matter what kind of timeframe you are using. The old proverb no pain, no gain is certainly true in the financial markets. It’s extremely rare you get BOTH high returns and little drawdown.

I tested several market-neutral momentum strategies among the above-mentioned ETFs. In general, these neutral strategies perform poorly. Let’s look at the most interesting one: SPY and EEM:

Monthly momentum in SPY and EEM, market neutral.

The strategy is to go long the ETF that had the best performance the prior month and short the weakest one. Pretty simple. Drawdown is reduced a lot but at the expense of returns. There are years with flat to no return, which obviously is hard to stomach. Perhaps there are other ways to play this, please use the comments section if you have any ideas.


– Why do many investors seek to minimize drawdown?

The content discusses the common investor goal of minimizing drawdowns, even if it comes at the expense of total returns. The difficulty of achieving high returns without significant drawdowns is highlighted.

– How do market-neutral momentum strategies perform among ETFs?

The content reveals that, in general, market-neutral momentum strategies among the mentioned ETFs, namely SPY, TLT, and EEM, tend to perform poorly. The article delves into details on these strategies.

– What is the simplicity of the SPY and EEM market-neutral strategy?

The market-neutral strategy involving SPY and EEM is described as simple: going long on the best-performing ETF and shorting the weakest one. However, the article notes that this simplicity may result in years with flat to no return.

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