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Silver: It includes Bronze plus code and logic for over 200 trading ideas and strategies + we publish in our free strategies + Premium articles.

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Hey Oddmund,
 I just found your website. Amazing how much valuable information you have there!  
As an algo trader myself there is a plethora of resources and trading ideas. I loved it!



I came across your website when I was looking at exits for trend-following strategies – I’m very impressed.


Hamburg, Germany

Hi Oddmund, hi Hakan,
you have a new fan!
I haven’t studied all your content, but at first sight and after a rough look at topics that consider my strategy, I have to say: WOW! This impresses me very much.



If you do publish a book, I will be a buyer if it is in English.


Brisbane, Australia

Just found your website this afternoon and can’t stop reading all the articles…very impressive research….really appreciate you guys posting your testing ideas and results.

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