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I've been learning to trade over the last 6-12 months and I frequently read Quantified Strategies. Your free content is better than most I've paid for. Thank you so much! I'm Swedish-American and my wife is Norwegian-American, and we try to stay in contact with our families there. It makes me proud that the best, most honest trading advice on the internet comes from Scandinavians :).
Paul from the US

Just found your website this afternoon and can't stop reading all the articles…very impressive research….really appreciate you guys posting your testing ideas and results.

Andrew from Brisbane, Australia

I am working on a strategy that has elements of sentiment and trend following. I came across your website when I was looking at exits for trend following strategies – I’m very impressed.

Bill from the UK
Hey Oddmund, I just found your website. Amazing how much valuable information you have there! As an algo trader myself there is a plethora of resources and trading ideas. I loved it.
Erich from Brazil