Monthly Momentum In SPY and EEM

Last Updated on August 26, 2021 by Oddmund Groette

I have over the last week written two articles about momentum:

The third looks at rotating between the two most popular stock ETFs: SPY and EEM.

The assumptions are like this:

  • It’s based on monthly data in the ETFs SPY and EEM.
  • Every month rank them based on last month’s performance and go long the best performing.
  • Hold for one month and repeat (or continue being long the same instrument).

Pretty simple, and the equity curve looks like this:

Momentum strategy in SPY and EEM.

The strategy outperforms buy and hold for both ETFs, but the drawdown is bigger compared to momentum in SPY/TLT. Bonds lower the drawdowns a lot.

I have tested different lookback periods and holding times, but it seems monthly performs the best.


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