New Personal Record – 4 Days In A Row With Losses

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by Oddmund Groette

This has been a pretty bad week for my day trading. Yesterday, Thursday, I recorded my 4th day in a row with losses. The loss was significant as well. I couldn’t remember the last time I had 4 days in a row! Looking through my records I discovered this is the first time it has happened in my 12 years day trading career. Still, I’m in black for the month, and my swing trading is going well (I’ll get back to that in July with my results), but this still makes me a little worried. 2011 until 2012 was miserable day trading, but I changed my style completely in mid-2012 and have done well since then. However, the last 4 days have shown a complete change in many stocks. Is this just a short-term pattern? Will it continue? This is the big unknowns of trading. I believe much of this is related to more focus on interest levels. I trade mostly boring stocks and a lot of those are sensitive to interest levels.

However, what I feel quite confident about is that after so many days with losses a very good day will just be around the corner. Those always come about when I feel pessimistic. This is just the way markets are!