Quantitative Swing Trading Course For Amibroker And Tradestation

Last Updated on August 26, 2021 by Oddmund Groette

We have developed a course to help you get started in quantitative swing trading:


What does our Swing Trading Course cover?

Some of the things we cover in the course (but not all):

  • Different types of trading strategies
  • How to choose a broker
  • Different types of useful indicators
  • How to make strategies in Tradestation/Amibroker (four trading strategies are included)
  • How to screen, explore, and backtest (stock selection)
  • Included are four strategies and how you can implement those in Amibroker and Tradestation
  • Risk management
  • Which useful tools you can use in addition to software and brainstorming for trading ideas
  • Psychological traps explained/trading psychology
  • How to devise a trading plan
  • How to make a journal

Included in the course is a 30-minute talk/chat where you can ask us about anything you might wonder about trading or investing in general.

The course costs 399 USD and is valid for one month including support and updates, but you can extend it for an additional 5 USD a month which includes 15 minutes of monthly support via e-mail. You can, of course, cancel any time you want.

When signing up you get an automatic e-mail that contains the URL and you are good to go!

The course has a quantitative approach. This website is all about quantified trading, and we believe this is the most rational approach to increase the probability of success in the markets – no matter the time frame.

Why would you learn to swing trade?

The course is for beginners. Trading doesn’t need to be complex. Most fail in trading because they don’t have the proper mindset and work ethic. The aim is to head you in the right direction and cut unnecessary time spent on wasteful detours and distractions. We’ll guide you to the essence of trading.

No matter your time frame, this course will get you going in the right direction!

Swing trading is a great place to start

Swing Trading is perhaps the best trading form a beginner can start with. Why?

Because it’s easy to grasp the concept and main idea, it takes little time to understand the concept, and you face a great profit potential if you’re good, systematic, and rational. We believe trading is about being systematic and making a good feedback loop so you can learn from your mistakes in order to improve.

Believe us, in trading you’ll do mistake after mistake! But that’s all right as long as you’ve got the ability to learn. In the end, you’ll have removed most of the basic errors and stand much better chances of being profitable.

It’s all about being flexible to make sure you are agnostic to anything that might work.

How long does it take to learn swing trading?

Swing trading is a continuous journey where you learn something literally every day. However, the more experience you have, the fewer mistakes you’ll make. Getting past the “beginner stage” might take six months for some, it might take years for others, and some never get it. There is no definite answer.

However, this course gives you a head start and in about a year of research and testing, you have come a long way.

Once you have passed the learning curve and know what you are doing, swing trading might take as little as 15 minutes per day. Unfortunately, you need to facilitate time and effort before you reach this level.


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