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Rob Hanna – Quantifiable Edges (Trading Strategy)

Rob Hanna is an American investor, the Co-founder, and vice president of research at InvestiQuants. He has been a full-time market professional since 2001 and has been serving as president of Hanna Capital Management LLC since that time.

Rob Hanna’s early life and career:

In 2003, Rob started publishing his market research and views, and his column “Rob Hanna’s Putting It All Together” was featured twice a week on TradingMarkets.com from 2003 to 2007.

In 2008, he founded Quantifiable Edges. Rob opened his second website, Overnight Edges, in 2012; together, his two sites employ historical analysis to assess the current activities in the market. Rob utilizes volume, price action, market breadth, liquidity flows, and other tools to do market research. Rob created some indicators which are well known and are available to the general public.

In his post “How to market seasonality and price action to provide a trading edge” on proactive advisor magazine’s website, he wrote, “Seasonality trading strategy is one of my favorites. I have used it for years at Quantifiable Edges, and we have incorporated seasonality systems into our system “ensemble” models at InvestiQuant as well.”

His book “The Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days” was published in 2010 and is available for purchase directly from Amazon or on the Quantifiable Edges website. Rob’s work has been featured and referenced in blogs, StockTwits messages, and magazine articles.

Additionally, some of his books have been featured in The Daily Trading Coach by Brett Steenbarger, Trading FAQs by John Foreman, Trading Elite by JT Starks, and Time the Markets: Using Technical Analysis to Interpret Economic Data by Charles Kirkpatrick. Rob has also been interviewed on the “Kirk Report Interview” in 2009 and November/December 2012 Cover Article with “Your Trading Edge” magazine.

He has spoken at numerous seminars over the years, some of his latest speaking engagements include Numerous Traders Expos including those in LA, New York, and Las Vegas, 2013 MTA (Market Technicians Association) Annual Symposium in New York, NY, 2013 AAPTA (American Association of Professional Technical Analysts) Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, 2012 MTA (Market Technicians Association) Atlanta chapter meeting, and Several Boston Investors Group meetings over the years.

In describing his approach, Rob has this to say: “The IQ methodology is statistically robust and utilizes ensemble forecasting techniques. By continuously evaluating market conditions and price action using multiple, proven, un-correlated systems, our clients have a comprehensive view of the historical performance of each trading strategy before executing their trade. In short, we help traders identify historically attractive and risky scenarios for executing their trade strategies.”

Rob is regarded as one of the prominent industry swings, overnight and quantitative researchers. His rigor and intellectual process ensure that InvestiQuant’s research is unmatched. In 2012 Rob opened his 2nd website, Overnight Edges, which became the first website that’s dedicated to taking advantage of market movement overnight.

Years after managing private Investment funds through Hanna Capital Management, LLC, he became a member of Capital Advisors, serving as a registered investment advisor who focuses on short-term and quantitative strategies.

Besides researching the market and trading, Rob enjoys traveling, skiing, and spending time with his family.

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