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Some Random Facts About My Day Trading So Far In 2013

I like to keep good records of my trading. It’s tedious and sometimes boring to record data, but usually, your broker/clearing firm has a lot of interesting data.

This morning I had a look at some random numbers from my clearing sheets (I also wrote about this in July):


  • Win ratio long trades: 56%
  • Win ratio short trades: 52.21%
  • My total profits split into long/short: long 66% of total profits and short 34%
  • My total profits split into weekdays: Monday 34%, Tuesday 24%, Wednesday 6%, Thursday 11%, and Friday 25%. I can’t think of any reason why Wednesdays and Thursdays are so bad.
  • Average holding time per stock: 3 hours 23 minutes and 17 seconds
  • 3,24 cents profits per share traded
  • Commissions and fees take 16% of my gross profits
  • My most net profitable stock: SPY (Not bad, I only use SPY for hedging purposes when day trading)
  • My most net cumulative profitable stock other than SPY: 3407 dollars (!). Very little, but I trade a lot of different stocks (several hundred).
  • My most net unprofitable stock: -1147 dollars
  • Traded 592 different stocks (my lowest number since 2001, 2002, and 2003)
  • 235 stocks have a net loss
  • I have 13 times as many stocks with profits above 1000 dollars than losers more than 1000 dollars.

In general, my trading profits this year is set to be below all the years from 2004 until (and including) 2010. 2013 will most likely be my 8th most profitable day trading year. At least I’m getting up from the slump of 2011 and 2012.

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