S&P 500 Return Calculator

The following calculator provides nominal, real, and total real returns for the S&P 500 Index going back to 1871 till today (see latest date available below). To calculate the returns we used the data available in Robert Shiller’s website.

How To Use It And Interpret The Results

  • To utilize the calculator, choose the starting month and year, the ending month and year, and the initial capital. Please ensure that the start month/year is not later than the end month/year.
  • Nominal returns denote the overall percentage return on an investment without factoring in inflation. On the other hand, real returns are adjusted for inflation, and total real adjusted returns consider both inflation and dividends.
  • CAGR, or cumulative annual growth rate, indicates the average annual return of an index. Caution is advised when interpreting CAGR for periods shorter than one year.
  • The stock price data provided consist of monthly averages of daily closing prices rather than the month’s final price. Consequently, calculating precise yearly returns for any given year is not feasible.

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