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Spread The Word!

We wanted to ask for a quick favor that would really help us out.

We’re trying to collect video (or written) testimonials from happy users of our products and services, and we thought you would be perfect to seek help from.

All we need is for you to record a quick video (between 30-120 seconds) sharing your experience with Quantified Strategies (including your name). You can even use your mobile phone to record the video.

It must be in English (accent is no problem).

Alternatively, we also appreciate a written review in English.

You can talk (or write) about anything you want, but some ideas include:

  • Has Quantified Strategies helped your trading in any way?
  • If so, how has Quantified Strategies helped your trading?
  • How does Quantified Strategies rank compared to “competitors”?
  • How do you like the support of Quantified Strategies?

If you’re able to do this, it would really help us out in spreading the word about Quantified Strategies.

As a token of appreciation, we offer you a 25 USD rebate for any product of your choice if you write a text review that includes a picture + name.

Even better, we offer you a 100 USD rebate for any product of your choice if you make a video review that includes your name.

The offer is valid once and not in combination with other rebates.

Please reply to Oddmund at Quantifiedstrategies dot com if this is of any interest to you (or reply to the e-mail you received).

Thanks so much, and we hope to hear from you soon!

All the best and good luck trading!

The QuantifiedStrategies team

Oddmund Groette and Hakan Samuelsson

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