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Last Updated on August 31, 2022 by Oddmund Groette

We have been full-time traders and investors for over 20 years. We hope that is reflected in our writing and articles!

This is what some of our readers and customer think about us and our products:

Testimonials and Reviews

Below you can find some of the feedback from our loyal readers:

Bill C. from UK, CEO:

I am working on a strategy that has elements of sentiment and trend following. I came across your website when I was looking at exits for trend following strategies – I’m very impressed.


Thanks a lot! With your inspiration, I was able to find a nice  portfolio of simple strategies. The best thing is, that they are so less correlated.

Andrew from Brisbane is impressed by our research:


Just found your website this afternoon and cant stop reading all the articles…very impressive research….really appreciate you guys posting your testing ideas and results.

Brisbane – Australia

Luca C. from Italy says Quantified Strategies has given him success in trading:

……Anyway, thank you for your great job. I owe you a lot, you have guided me to success in trading.


This is what Bala says:


I am impressed with your site :
I have never seen free strategies that many published
I have NEVER seen anyone testing every strategy ( empirical!!) back tested.


This one is from Kung Tung:


Hi Oddmund

I’m writhing to you about volume candles because I don´t know any other guys who is more competent then you and Håkan.
I guess there’s some good things about volume candles but I don´t know how to research about it, hope you have the knowledge and find even the time for that. Thanks in advice

Wish I had those volume candles in my tradestation…

Kung Tung


This one is from a Scandinavian descendant from Minnesota:



Jeg heter Paul 🙂 I’ve been learning to trade over the last 6-12 months and I frequently read Quantified Strategies. Your free content is better than most I’ve paid for. Thank you so much! I’m Swedish-American and my wife is Norwegian-American, and we try to stay in contact with our families there. It makes me proud that the best, most honest trading advice on the internet comes from Scandinavians :).

Hei again Oddmund!

Firstly, I must say again: I have learned more useful, profitable trading info from your blog than I have anywhere else. (For what it’s worth, the mathematics Curtis Faith described in The Way of the Turtle for quantifying edges and making backtesting robust has probably been #2).



And this one is from India:



I am quite enjoying your research and ideas!

Dhananjay Khaitan


Carl from Hamburg:


Hi Oddmund, hi Hakan,

you have a new fan!
I haven’t studied all your content, but at first sight and a rough look on topics that consider my strategy, I have to say: WOW, I understand nothing! – This impresses me very much.

Carl, Hamburg


Corvin from Panama:


Also, I really love your website, it’s got some awesome ideas.

All the best, Corvin


Chang from Thailand:


Thanks for your sharing about Amibroker.
The course is great and friendly to AFL beginner!

And from Pakistan:


Hi dear,
Thanks a lot for sharing an eye-opener article.
It’s an extremely practical and doable exercise to implement.
– Devenfra

We answer all e-mails within 24 hours:


Thank you Oddmund fro your prompt reply.
Best of luck with your IBS Turbo strategy.
If you do publish a book, I will be a buyer if it is in English.

We’ve had followers since our start in 2012:


I have been a big fan of your work since early days, when
you were mostly excel based in your strategies.  Your
earlier posts on IBS led me to test and find variations
(such as the IBS 4 day Mov avg) which I ended up using
in my own approach.
Thank you again for making your work available.
Your site is the best that is available for actionable
– David

And Kent is a CFA enjoying our work:


I’ve recently started reading your site and have enjoyed your very rational approach to systematic trading — including the pitfalls and less exciting parts of the process.

Thanks for sharing your great work!

– Kent, CFA

Hedge fund managers learn a few things from our research:



I happened upon your site while researching for some back testing results on various quant strategies. I’ve worked for a number of years in finance, in support roles, that have not satisfied my intellectual capacities. Your writing got me very interested as it seems both honest and valuable. I’m looking to learn about quantitative investing, but I would like to ensure I make the most of my efforts.

– Eric B

Ken from the US is impressed:


Hello, I think your website content is impressive.


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