Three 24-Hour Day Trading Strategies

Today, we present a new strategy bundle that contains three 24-hour day trading strategies.

What is a 24-hour day trading strategy?

That is a strategy that buys at the close and holds the position for 24 hours until the next close. Thus, you are only invested for 24 hours. The strategies are published as monthly trading edges (see trading strategies for sale #18, #22, and #95). Obviously, the buy trigger is at the close. 

Buy and sell orders are backtested using the closing price (how to trade at the close – or alternative entries).

If you want to buy, please check for Bundle 5:


Below, we present the three equity curves for S&P 500 (SPY) plus the combined equity curve for all the three strategies. We have included 0.03% commission and slippage for each trade (0.06% for a roundtrip estimated commissions and slippage).

Strategy 1

Strategy 2

Strategy 3

All three strategies combined

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