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Why Consistency In Trading Is Important

My previous post on how I screw up by second-guessing my strategies made me change my trading habits (for the better). I have taken two actions for my day trading:

  • After the open, I make sure my Excel program is running (I enter positions completely automatically). Then I go outside to walk my dog or simply have a cup of coffee. After 30 mins I return and have a second look.
  • After 2 hours of trading, I close all my positions.

Results have improved and it also feels a lot better. This is much more relaxing. To look at P/L through the day is detrimental to both consistency and health, at least for me. It’s extremely hard to detach from money.

It does not matter when I close my positions.

Just being consistent is the most important thing!

If I close at 1300 NY time, at 1500, or at the close – it does not matter. Simply being consistent is what matters.

The reason is that I tend to hold positions on bad days (hoping for it to turn around) but close positions early on good days, where the P/L gets better as the day moves on.


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