Trading Course

Trading course for beginners and intermediates - all you need to succeed

(one strategy included)

trading course quantified strategies

We have been full-time traders and investors since 2001 and we have learned a lot over the years. Trading is very much about learning and avoiding mistakes, and the course discusses all the main elements you need for successful trading.

We cover these lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. The trading plan
  3. The trading journal
  4. The importance of the trading strategy
  5. The statistical edge - the most important in trading
  6. Trading psychology
  7. Know yourself
  8. Cognitive errors - trading biases
  9. Money management
  10. How much capital do you need to trade?
  11. What kind of returns can you expect?
  12. Feedback loops and checklists
  13. Automatic/systematic vs. discretionary trading
  14. Backtesting - the holy grail?
  15. Data and quotes
  16. Out-of-sample and incubation
  17. Choosing an online trading broker
  18. Trading capital and costs
  19. Placing orders and order types
  20. Choice of trading platform
  21. How to take your trading to the next level
  22. Trade or invest?
  23. Time to get started
  24. Finale - a trading strategy