Best Trading Podcasts

Best Trading Podcasts of 2024

In search of the best trading podcast to guide your market journey? Look no further. Our handpicked selection connects you with the leading voices in trading, providing tactics, insights, and updates essential for thriving in today’s markets. No matter your level of expertise, this comprehensive guide has a trading podcast tailored for you.

Key Takeaways

  • For beginners, podcasts like ‘Stocks for Beginners and ‘The Carter Farr Show’ are perfect for decoding investing concepts, featuring easy-to-understand advice, money management tips, and motivational stories.
  • Experienced traders can tune into advanced podcasts like ‘Invest Like the Best’ and ‘Better System Trader’ for deep dives into investing themes, value investing, and systematic trading insights from industry professionals.
  • Trading podcasts are diverse, encompassing various specializations such as options, forex, and cryptocurrency trading, offering both beginners and advanced traders a wealth of knowledge on strategies, market analysis, and the psychology behind trading.
Best Trading Podcasts

Top Trading Podcasts for Beginners

The top trading podcasts for beginners include “Chat with traders”, for example.

The flood of information available can seem daunting for those just stepping into trading. But don’t worry; we’ve curated a collection of beginner-friendly trading podcasts that simplify investment principles and provide insightful guidance designed for newcomers to the stock market. Podcasts like ‘Stocks for Beginners’ and ‘Money For the Rest of Us’ break down fundamental investing concepts with insights specifically aimed at beginners.

If you aim to embark on trading successfully today, consider tuning into podcasts such as ‘Chat With Traders’ and ‘The Carter Farr Show’. These shows not only share enlightening stories that are both humbling and inspiring but also delve into essential topics, including money management strategies, day-to-day trade operations, and broader investing techniques within the stock market sphere. To begin navigating this complex world with confidence – start listening now. It’s an effective step toward becoming a savvy trader.

Advanced Trading Podcasts

Advanced Trading Podcasts

If you’re an experienced trader looking to sharpen your skills and stay updated with the latest market trends, advanced trading podcasts could be your treasure trove of investing wisdom. Some recommended podcasts include:

  • ‘Invest Like the Best with Patrick O’Shaughnessy’
  • ‘The Investors Podcast’
  • ‘Chat With Traders’
  • ‘The Meb Faber Show’

These podcasts, part of the investor’s podcast network, looks into investing themes with leading investors and business leaders, featuring insights from a chief investment strategist.

Furthermore, ‘The Acquirers Podcast’ entertains and educates on value investing, focusing on finding worthy investments. Similarly, ‘Better System Trader’ is designed to share systematic trading insights and practical tips from industry professionals. As an advanced trader, these podcasts can provide the insights you need to trade markets today successfully.

Photo of a stock market trading floor

Focused on Stock Market Investing

For those with a strong interest in the stock market, there is no shortage of podcasts that provide thorough critiques, insights on various stocks, and observations of market trends. The ‘ Stock Podcast’ sets up marketplace forecasts and detailed assessments of leading corporations, including Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple. Listeners can tune into the ‘7investing Podcast’, which presents picks for potential stock investments while also exploring a wide range of industries such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, healthcare services, and fintech.

Conversely, ’Investing Insights’ brought to you by Morningstar arrives weekly packed with recommendations for stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), coupled with guidance on managing personal finances and exclusive sit-downs with professional fund managers. Tuning into these types of podcasts could significantly aid individuals in keeping abreast with developments within the stock market arena, making it easier to undertake educated investment choices.

Options Trading Podcasts

Podcasts dedicated to options trading provide a wealth of tailored strategies and insights specific to this niche. If you’re an active options trader, or keen on learning more about it, these podcasts are invaluable resources.

For example, Kirk Du Plessis hosts ‘Option Alpha’, a highly-rated podcast that brings weekly content with sustainable tactics backed by thorough research designed to educate traders at all expertise levels.

There’s no shortage of choices for those seeking diverse frequencies in their listening habits. Podcasts such as ‘The Option Block’, ‘Options Boot Camp’, and ‘Volatility Views’ offer episodes focused on options trading twice weekly, monthly (with four episodes), and once every week correspondingly. Thus providing numerous opportunities for options traders eager for up-to-date guidance and methods essential for thriving in today’s trading markets.

Illustration of forex trading charts and graphs

Forex Trading Podcasts

Forex trading necessitates continuous learning and staying current with global economic trends. Podcasts such as ‘The Simple Trading Podcast’, ‘Trading Global Markets Decoded’, and ‘The Trading Coach Podcast’ offer insights into forex trading strategies and tips, focusing on various approaches from simple to professional insights.

Moreover, podcasts like ‘Trading with Rayner Show’, ‘Desire To Trade Podcast’, and ‘Margin Call’ provide diverse perspectives and personal stories that help traders gain a deeper understanding of the forex market. Listening to these podcasts can significantly enhance your understanding of the forex market and improve your trading strategies.

Cryptocurrency Trading Podcasts

Shows like ‘Crypto Voices’, ‘Epicenter’, and ‘The Defiant Podcast’ explore various aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, centering their discussions around cryptoeconomics, decentralization, and freedom.

To these, podcasts including ‘Unchained’ and ‘Bankless’ shed light on the continuous development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They probe into budding initiatives and governmental regulations concerning cryptocurrencies, providing audiences with an extensive grasp of this swiftly shifting economic environment.

Trading Psychology Podcasts

Trading is not just about the analysis of numbers and charts. It’s also fundamentally about one’s mindset. ‘The AlphaMind Podcast’ addresses this by focusing on the psychological barriers traders and investors face, emphasizing how crucial psychology is for success in trading.

Additionally, ‘G’s Thoughts’ caters explicitly to those who trade forex intraday. It aims to uplift their mental approach, essential for dealing with the complexities of the forex market. If you want to improve your psychological approach to trading, these podcasts might be excellent resources.

Interviews with Successful Traders

Listening to the experiences of those who have navigated the trading landscape before is a highly effective way to learn about trading. Podcasts such as:

  • ‘52 Traders’
  • ‘The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker’
  • ‘Desire To Trade Podcast’
  • ‘Talking Trading’

Offer interviews where successful traders, known as trading’s elite performers, share their personal trading journeys, strategies, and insights on achieving profitable performance. This provides valuable information for a financial advisory services company to help clients make trading decisions.

Moreover, ‘A Trader’s Life’ provides insights into successful traders’ approaches and methods when starting and how they managed to make profits. These interviews can be a goldmine of practical tips and strategies to help you in your trading journey.

Illustration of a trader managing trading psychology

Real-Time Market Analysis Podcasts

Listening to podcasts such as ‘Mad Money with Jim Cramer’ and ‘Real Vision Daily Brief’ can keep them informed with real-time analysis of the latest stock market developments.

Programs like ‘Stocks And Jocks’ deliver insightful business and financial information directly from those deeply rooted in trading activities. For individuals who desire daily updates and wish to hear stock market insights, tuning into these podcasts serves as a consistent source of comprehensive market analysis.

Trading Education Podcasts

Insightful resources such as ‘The Desire To Trade Podcast’ and ‘Top Traders Unplugged’ serve up a wealth of knowledge on honing one’s trading abilities, covering essential advice regarding both fundamental and technical analysis.

Practical guidance on deploying efficient trading instruments can be gleaned from listening to ‘The Smarter Trading’ podcast. These audio platforms are excellent for maintaining an ongoing education in trade and keeping abreast with novel strategies and tools.

Personal Finance and Wealth Building Podcasts

Building wealth is a process that requires robust financial knowledge and strategic planning. Listening to podcasts such as ‘The His and Her Money Show’ and ‘HerMoney with Jean Chatzky’ can provide you with personal perspectives on managing debt effectively and constructing strategies for building wealth, all while focusing on financial independence.

The podcast ‘It’s Not About The Money’ caters specifically to businesswomen by underscoring the importance of fostering financial confidence and developing paths to wealth creation—adopting an approach that considers inclusivity in finance crucial. If your objective is attaining financial freedom and expanding your economic resources, these audio programs could serve as valuable guides throughout your fiscal journey.

Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading Podcasts

Complex algorithmic and quantitative trading is explored in detail through podcasts such as ‘Flirting with Models’ and ‘Excess Returns’. These audio offerings dissect the nuances of quantitative strategies and the crafting of models, capturing the attention of listeners with a technical bent.

Resources like ‘The Talking Tuesdays Podcast’ and ‘Maverick Actuary’ provide valuable insights for those seeking to advance their careers within quantitative finance. They cover essential topics, including data science, machine learning, and risk management. Engaging with these podcasts can significantly bolster one’s grasp of the quantitative aspects inherent in trading activities.

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Commodity Trading Podcasts

If the world of commodity trading captivates you, several podcasts stand ready to act as informative mentors. Weekly installments from programs such as ‘This Week in Futures Options’, ‘RFD Today’, and ‘Commodity Conversations’ delve into topics including commodities futures updates, agricultural policy debates, and fluctuations within the Australian markets.

For those interested in metals and energy sectors specifically, ‘Commodity Research Group’ and ‘The Morgan Report’ provide detailed insights and price assessments. These auditory resources aim to broaden your comprehension of commodity market intricacies, which can be pivotal when making educated trading choices.

Photo of a trader conducting trading education

Trading Podcasts for Women

Trading podcasts for women include ‘Miss Independent’ and ‘The Female Investors Project,’ for instance.

Furthermore, ‘The She’s So Money Podcast’ and ‘AJ Bell Money Matters’ confront gender disparity regarding investments. They encourage conversations about finance and cultivate an attitude geared towards wealth creation. These resources serve as an excellent foundation for any woman ready to commence her journey toward economic empowerment.

International Trading Podcasts

Traders consider international trading an essential component of their investment strategies. Podcasts such as ‘Global Market Insights | Forex, Futures, Stocks’ from XM and ‘FX Talk | An Ebury Podcast’ equip traders with the latest insights into economic happenings and trends in worldwide markets.

Additionally, ‘Dollar & Sense’ delves into how global trade structures affect daily life. Tuning into these podcasts is a valuable way to broaden your comprehension of the international trading environment while keeping abreast of current market movements across borders.

Sector-Specific Trading Podcasts

If you’re focused on trading within a specific sector, several podcasts could be invaluable resources. Programs such as ‘Code Story’, ‘Thoughtworks’, and ‘Pivot’ delve deeply into technological advancements and methodologies, which is advantageous for investors aiming to monitor and channel investments into disruptive publicly traded companies in the tech industry.

Suppose your investment interests lie in the healthcare market. In that case, podcasts like ‘MedTech Talk’, ‘The #HCBiz Show!’, and ‘Faces of Digital Health’ provide insights regarding trends in healthcare, regulatory issues, and technology implementation. These niche-oriented podcasts can provide specialized assessments and investment suggestions that may refine your trading strategies.

Trading Tools and Platforms Podcasts

Thriving in trading depends on strategically using the right tools and platforms. Podcasts like eToro’s ‘Digest & Invest’ and ‘The Trade Ideas Podcast’ provide such resources.

To this, ‘The Traders Improved Podcast’ delves into recent market trends while providing advice on enhancing your trading abilities. Listening to these podcasts can significantly augment your capacity to employ the best trading instruments and venues effectively.

Risk Management Podcasts

Managing risk is an important element in trading. Bret Rosenthal’s ‘The ARMR Report’ and ‘Risk Unfiltered’ are examples of trading podcasts that concentrate on fundamental risk management principles, highlighting their importance in finance and across multiple sectors.

The podcast ‘The Afford Anything’ offers valuable perspectives on approaching risks and making informed decisions—a key component for managing risk efficiently within trading. Such podcasts can serve as important tools to aid traders in preserving their capital through effective risk control strategies.

Day Trading Podcasts

Day trading requires tailored tactics. For individuals seeking to refine their approaches, resources such as the ‘SteadyTrade’ podcast and ‘The Day Trading Show’ offer day trading tactics.

For those endeavoring to merge family commitments with financial pursuits, podcasts such as ‘Daycare Day Trader’ and ‘The Day Trading Plumber’ explore the harmonization of effective day trading while managing familial responsibilities. These platforms can be valuable tools for enhancing one’s proficiency and strategic acumen in day trading.

Swing Trading Podcasts

Swing trading involves holding onto stocks for a period ranging from several days to weeks. If you tune into podcasts such as ‘Swing Trading the Stock Market’ and ‘Better System Trader,’ you’ll gain access to a ton of information on medium-term trading strategies, understanding market movements, and identifying viable trade opportunities.

In addition, ‘Swing Trading the Stock Market’ focuses on risk management within swing trading by exploring both market trends and trend trading techniques. The podcast leverages technical analysis along with fundamental insights as educational tools. Listening to these podcasts could deepen your grasp of swing trading concepts and help refine your approach toward crafting effective stock market strategies.

What are the best trading podcasts?

The best trading podcast is ‘We Study Billionaires’, which is a premier offering from The Investor’s Podcast Network. It holds the distinction of being the largest stock-investing podcast globally. It provides listeners with insightful interviews alongside explorations into various subjects ranging from traditional stock investment to Bitcoin, all through examining the strategies of renowned financial billionaires.

Alternatively, ‘Top Traders Unplugged,’ steered by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, delivers expert breakdowns courtesy of contemporary leading traders along with economists and macro-specialists. This podcast zeroes in on fiscal and economic market trends, providing its audience with valuable analyses.

What are trading podcasts?

Trading podcasts are audio programs that focus on trading. Such podcasts offer a variety of content, from beginners to professionals.

These encompass tactics, evaluation of market conditions, conversations with proficient traders, and instructional material tailored for traders at varying levels of expertise. Topics discussed include investment in the stock market, options trading strategies, foreign exchange dealings, and digital currency trades.

The interactive nature of these podcasts offers members within the trading sphere an opportunity to connect with experts and fellow enthusiasts. Frequently this interaction is facilitated by permitting audience members to pose questions or suggest themes for upcoming discussions.

On what platforms can I find trading podcasts?

You can find trading podcasts on platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

Specific financial education and market analysis sites also offer podcast episodes. For instance, ‘Digest & Invest’ by eToro is hosted on Buzzsprout.

Specialized networks cater to trading podcasts too. An example is ‘The Investor’s Podcast Network’, which features shows including ‘We Study billionaires’.

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What is the number one trading podcast?

The number one trading podcast is ‘We Study billionaires,’ a production of The Investor’s Podcast Network, which has achieved top ranking as the premier investing podcast. With over 150 million downloads globally, it is the most expansive podcast focused on stock market investing. Leading the conversations are hosts.

  • Stig Brodersen
  • Preston Pysh
  • William Green
  • Clay Finck
  • Kyle Grieve

Their approach involves examining and discussing insights with financial billionaires and accomplished money managers. They then adapt these expert strategies from Wall Street for application in every day stock market scenarios—mirroring techniques used by professional investment analysts.

What are the top trading podcasts for beginners?

The top trading podcasts for beginners are ‘The Investing for Beginners Podcast | Your Path to Financial Freedom’ which assists newcomers with the basics of investing, educates on spotting value traps, and provides strategies to steer clear of potential bankruptcies, and ‘Frankie Candles’ which caters to those interested in crypto trading by providing:

  • Regular daily livestreams along with instructional content aimed at profit generation through cryptocurrency trades
  • Advice on how to trade effectively irrespective of whether market prices are rising or falling
  • Comprehensive insights that range from deciphering chart patterns to implementing high success-rate trading strategies tailored for beginner traders.

How many trading podcasts are there?

There are about 3.2 million trading podcasts. According to statistics from February 2024, the total number of podcasts across various categories stands at 3.2 million.

While an exact figure for trading-specific podcasts isn’t available, these are included within the extensive collection of 3.2 million broadcasts and can typically be found under wider-ranging genres like Business, Investing or Finance, which complicates determining a precise tally for them.

How do you make a trading podcast?

How to Make a Trading Podcast

You make a trading podcast by following these steps:

  • Formulate an idea
  • Determine the structure of the show
  • Organize audio recording gear
  • Pick out software for both capturing and tweaking your recordings
  • Craft your inaugural episode through recording and editing processes
  • Design visual elements for your podcast, like artwork
  • Arrange a hosting solution to store and distribute episodes online, as well as register with directories where people can discover podcasts
  • Finally, you must concentrate on initiating the release of your series and nurturing its development over time.

How can trading podcasts help improve my trading?

Trading podcasts can help improve your trading by staying one step ahead and always learning and adapting. Podcasts are great when you are doing other things, like walking, driving, vacuuming, etc.

These podcasts contain various subjects such as technical and fundamental analysis, market strategy, and, importantly, trading psychology, allowing traders to gain a comprehensive insight into various aspects of trading.

By consistently tuning into podcasts that delve into market events and analyses, traders are better equipped to stay abreast with critical economic indicators and geopolitical elements that could influence market trends.

How do trading podcasts compare to other forms of trading education?

Trading podcasts offer a distinctive edge over other trading education mediums due to their ease of access, enabling individuals to learn whenever and wherever they choose.

In contrast to webinars and seminars that necessitate being present at a specific time, podcasts afford the flexibility for listeners to tune in whenever it fits into their schedule.

Can listening to trading podcasts help me stay updated with market trends?

Certainly! Listening to trading podcasts can help you stay updated with market trends. Podcasts like ‘Market to Market’ and ‘Animal Spirits’, which focus on trading, offer weekly rundowns and insights from specialists.

These podcasts keep their audience abreast of both detailed (micro) and broad-scale (macro) economic movements.

What are some recommended trading podcasts for advanced traders?

Some recommended trading podcasts for advanced traders are ‘We Study Billionaires,’ produced by The Investor’s Podcast Network, which holds the title of being the largest stock investing podcast globally, and “Better System Trader.”

In contrast, ‘Top Traders Unplugged,’ with Niels Kaastrup-Larsen at the helm, presents analysis from some of today’s elite traders as well as economists and macro experts. It zeroes in on discussions pertinent to financial and economic markets.


Our exploration of the best trading podcasts has taken us across many styles, from those designed for novices to more complex, specialized topics, including risk management.

These podcasts are can be a valuable tool to improve your trading. Newcomers keen on venturing into the investment realm or experienced traders seeking skill refinement will find a rich repository of information readily accessible through these podcasts. So grab your headphones, press play, and embark on an auditory voyage filled with education!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are trading podcasts?

Trading podcasts are audio programs you can listen to, covering trading topics such as market trends, conversations with proficient traders, and instructional material. This encompasses investing in the stock market, options trading strategies for stocks and indexes, as well as dealings in forex and digital currencies.

How many trading podcasts are there?

There are about 3.2 million trading podcasts.

What are some recommended trading podcasts for beginners?

Some recommended trading podcasts include ‘The Investing for Beginners Podcast | Your Path to Financial Freedom’ and ‘Frankie Candles.’’

What is the number one trading podcast?

The number one trading podcast is “We Study Billionaires,” which hails from The Investor’s Podcast Network and holds the title of the globe’s most extensive stock investing podcast network, with more than 150 million downloads.

How can trading podcasts help improve my trading?

Tuning into trading podcasts can significantly enhance your trading by offering an adaptable educational tool that’s available whenever you need it, thus enabling you to absorb new knowledge when engaged in other tasks like walking or driving.

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