Two Free Trading Strategies E book

Two Free Trading Strategies: A Short Practical Guide for Beginners

This short e-book will introduce you with two complimentary trading strategies that have historically been profitable. Both serve as good examples of what algo trading is all about. And it’s free!

In This E-Book, You’ll Discover:

  • Quantified analysis is the right way to approach the market. How can you know if something is smart if you have no idea how it has performed in the past? How do you know what you do is right or wrong?
  • If you’re using 100% quantified rules you find out how the idea has performed in the past and it helps you to get feedback in your trading.
  • Algo trading gives you tremendous leverage in the number of strategies you can trade. A trading platform can scan all your strategies and buy and sell for you automatically. You can trade hundreds of strategies at the same time.
  • Put short: two trading strategies to help kickstart your trading career!

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