Unforeseen Things No Testing Can Capture….

Last Updated on June 19, 2022 by Quantified Trading

….Happened today. Even after trading for so many years, and mostly trading US time, one of these unforeseen things happened today: Yesterday the US turned the clock one hour forward (Sunday 10th of March). And yet again this comes as a total surprise to me. I thought I was paying attention to details, but obviously not enough. I missed the first 30 mins and subsequently, the whole session is more or less wasted for me. All preparations down the drain! Even EOD is affected. And guess what? I’m missing one of the best days of the year for my strategies. So damned unnecessary!

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  • I wouldn’t sweat it. On average, a day off costs just your expected value of earnings, not the actual result. Unless you plan on never taking any days off 🙁

  • Same thing happened to me! It is our own fault, we really should have these kind of events on a calendar.