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Country ETF Performance Per Quarter

The winter period, October to May, has historically been a very good period for US stocks for many decades. What is the country ETF performance per quarter?

How has the stock market in other countries performed? This article looks at the historical performance per quarter for a selection of different country ETFs. We look at Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, UK, Brazil, China, Russia, and the USA.

Sector ETF performance per quarter

We have summarized the average performance per quarter for the different countries in the table below. The average is from the close of one quarter to the close of the next. Data are from the year 2000 or from the ETF’s inception (if later) and numbers are in percent.

Country ETFs 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q
EWA Australia 1.68 3.86 0.61 5.14
EWC Canada 0.76 4.88 1.05 1.78
EWD Sweden 1.29 2.48 0.62 4
EWG Germany -1.04 3.66 -2.05 6.25
EWH Hong Kong 0.7 2.19 0.93 3.77
EWJ Japan 0.34 1.4 0.07 1.41
EWS Singapore 1.32 3.6 -0.7 3.77
EWU UK -1.47 2.66 -0.49 3.66
EWZ Brazil 1.05 3.21 -0.3 9.29
FXI China -0.16 3.2 1.56 4.94
RSX Russia 1.91 5.36 0.15 0.91
SPY USA 0.7 2.83 0.76 3.81


As you can see, the country ETF performance per quarter varies much among the different sectors. Whether or not this is tradeable you need to backtest and evaluate yourself.

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